8th 15th September 2020 Cardrona, New Zealand
Postponement FAQ
Why is Snowboxx NZ not taking place this year?

We have been closely monitoring the development of the global situation during these past weeks and taking advice from the government and the health authorities. After careful consideration and dialogue with the multiple parts involved, we have come to the conclusion that we won’t be able to deliver all the aspects that make Snowboxx a truly memorable and high quality experience this year, and we feel it is best not to run the event.

New Zealand is safe, why have you cancelled?

New Zealand is currently in a relatively good situation but there is still a lot of uncertainty about how things are going to develop between now and September, especially in regards to the Trans-Tasman bubble and international travel. This means some ticket holders and international artists may not be able to travel to the event. We needed this to be in place before the final balance date but unfortunately the global situation hasn't progressed as fast as we had hoped.

What are my options?

We want to make this situation as easy as possible for all ticket holders, who are able to choose any of these two options:

Option 1: Move your booking to 2021 - any amounts paid, except the deposit, will be automatically refunded

Option 2: Cancel your booking and request a refund

Please note that moving your booking to 2021 is the only way we can guarantee you will be able to attend next year.

Tickets for Snowboxx NZ are in high demand and places are quite limited. Given that this year the festival was nearly sold out before releasing the line-up, we expect next year to sell out pretty quick.

Is there a deadline to decide?

Speak to your group and then ask the lead passenger to fill the form we have sent via email before June 25th.

Note we ask for only one form submission per group. You will need your booking ID for this, which you can find on your confirmation email.

What are the dates for 2021?

Snowboxx will take place in September 2021. Exact dates will be announced shortly but will be around the same dates as 2020.

Can I keep the same accommodation?

If everyone in your booking is moving to 2021 yes, your entire booking will be transferred to 2021 and all amounts paid, except the deposit will be automatically refunded.

If some passengers in your booking decide not to move to 2021 you will have to change accommodation, unless you have multiple rooms in your booking and are able to release some of them and accommodate the remaining passengers in the remaining rooms.

Rooms must be at full occupancy. The accommodation in Wanaka is limited and this allows us to ensure everyone has the chance to get a ticket and enjoy the Snowboxx experience.

Eg. a group of 6 people split into 3x 2pax rooms where 4 want to move to 2021 and 2 want a refund. The 4 passengers can move to 2021 and keep their 2x 2pax rooms while the other 2 passengers can cancel their room and request a refund.

Eg. a group of 3 people staying in a 3pax room where 2 people want to move to 2021 and 1 wants a refund. The 2 passengers can move to 2021 and select a new 2pax accommodation later this year. The 3rd person can request a refund.

Can I change accommodation?

If you wish to change your accommodation or need to do it to match your new group size, please select this option in the form.

Your current accommodation will be released from your booking and we will give you the chance to pick a new hotel later this year before the remaining tickets go on sale.

The process will be very similar to when you booked your tickets. We will upload all the accommodation options available to our site and send the link via email to everyone who needs or wants to change accommodation. Deposits will be reduced to $1 to facilitate the change.

Will the extras get transferred to 2021?

Yes, all extras will be credited to your booking. You can then choose to assign them for 2021 as you wish.

What is the new final balance date?

The final balance date will be moved to April 15th 2021. This means that you will be able to keep your booking until that date without having to make any further payments. You will be able to cancel at any time before the final date and you would only lose your deposit.

How can I cancel my booking and request a refund?

If you don’t want to attend next year, you can cancel your booking and request a refund via the form we have sent over email.

Will you refund the package in full?

If you decide to move your booking to 2021, we will automatically refund all amounts paid towards your booking except the deposit, which is $100 per person.

If you decide to cancel your booking, we will refund the entirety of your booking minus the booking fee, which is $20 per person, and any admin fees incurred such as name or accommodation changes.

Why are you keeping the booking fee?

The booking fee covers part of the cost of the staff and the infrastructure required to provide our booking service, as well as the payment card-processing fees that we incur on each transaction, both on the original payment as well as the refund.

How long will it take for the refund to be processed?

Refunds will be processed within 60 days of the closure of the form.

Where would refunds be sent to?

Refunds will be sent to the card that you used to pay for your booking. If your group paid over 10 instalments with 5 different cards, the refund will come back to those 5 cards in 10 payments.

The total amount received across all passengers will add up to the total refund and you may need to transfer amounts between yourselves.

Also note that refunds will be processed in chronological order and some payments may arrive several days before the others so please be patient if there are any amounts missing.

Card or Bank Changes

We are only able to process refunds to the card or bank account you paid with. If your card is no longer in use, you may need to contact the bank to arrange for this to be cleared.

Can I transfer my flights to 2021?

You need to arrange this directly with the airline. Please see the flight FAQs page for detailed information for each airline.